Minghui covers over 20 years of experience in the label-printing machine's design and production. Minghui can accommodate one color to eight different color printing machines, including flexo label printing machines, offset rotary label printing machines, and screen-printing machines.
A custom solution is also available.
Minghui also offers label-cutting machines, plate making machines, fabric curing ovens, and gold foiling machines to achieve labels and wrap printing requirements.

    1. MHR-S Flexo Label Printing Machine
    2. MHR-S Flexo Label Printing Machine The MHR-S flexo label printing machine utilizes a high-precision anilox roller to transfer the ink to the printing plate held on the plate cylinder, then the image is transferred to the image-receiving substrate.
      After the substrate dries, the printing process finishes. Dozens of plate cylinders with a variety of specifications are available to satisfy the different printing requirements. Featuring an exact color register with a printing speed of up to 60m/min, the MHR-s flexo label-printing, can be a perfect alternative to screen printing machines.
    1. MHR-B Series Flexo Label Printing Machine
    2. MHR-B Series Flexo Label Printing Machine MHR-B series flexo label printing machine is an upgrade for MHR-S flexo press, which can maintain registration without machine stop.
      The MHR-B flexo label printing machine integrates mechanical and electronic technology, featuring stable printing pressure, accurate positioning, easy operations and high durability and reliability. This flexo label printer allows to adjust the position of plate cylinders without machine shut down and align them with the register marks. Thus a higher printing efficiency is achieved to save materials and reduce downtime.
    1. MHL-S Offset Label Printing Machine
    2. MHL-S Offset Label Printing Machine The MHL-S offset label-printing machine is one of the Minghui's one-to eight-color high-speed offset label-printing machines. Complex images can print with a printing speed of 60m/min. Simultaneous printing of both sides is available, such as three colors on the front side, two colors on the front side and one color on the backside, and so on. Minghui MHL-S offset label printing machines enable vivid color and fast colors to color register on printed labels throughout the printing run. This offset label printers are also great at printing on a variety of materials like silk, ribbon, nylon, cotton, rubber, etc.
    1. MHS-126/226 Screen Printing Machine
    2. MHS-126/226 Screen Printing Machine MHS-126 and MHS-226 vertical screen-printing machines support one color and two-color printing. Including a compact design, smaller printing area, and minor dryer system, these two screen-printing presses are suitable for easy-to-dry materials and applications with simple printing images and low ink consumption.
      PLC electronic control system achieves manageable, reliable, and stable circuit control.
      Cylinders are adopted to lift print heads and the mesh frame. Every print head can separately raise for smooth operation.
    1. MHS-300 Screen Printing Machine
    2. MHS-300 Screen Printing Machine MHS-300 horizontal screen- printing machine features complete automatic color register set up and electronic and mechanical integration systems. The high color register accuracy and excellent rapidness enable the printer ideal for large areas and dark substrate printing. The MHS-300 screen printing machine is exceptional at printing on a wide range of materials, including ribbon, rubber belt, woven label, leather, and others. According to the substrate material, application, ink thickness, color brightness, fastness and durability, different screen-printing methods and ink types can be chosen. Also, complete automatic constant printing on a roll-type belt substrate is available.
    1. Hot/ Cold Cut Single Machines
    2. Hot/ Cold Cut Single Machines Minghui’s hot/cold cut single machines feature high-production capacity with a cutting speed of up to 400p/min. This hot and cold knife label cutting machine can cut labels to any size and applies to a wide range of labeling materials. It is easy to operate and is a suitable supplemental device for the rotary label printing machines.
      Minghui provides MHQ-100A and MHQ-100B hot/cold cut single machines.
      Automatic material folder for cold knife cutting.
    1. Ultrasonic Cut Single Machines
    2. Ultrasonic Cut Single Machines Mingui's Ultrasonic cut single machines utilize 30k ultrasonic waves to cut labels. It has no noise and holds high welding speed.
      Minghui also provides MHQ-70C low-speed ultrasonic label cutting machines, MHQ-70G high-speed ultrasonic label cutting machines, and MHQ-70X multifunction ultrasonic label cutting machines.
      The MHQ-70C needs to adjust the cutting knife to control its pressure.
      MHQ-70G can easily set the cutting knife pressure on the operation panel.
    1. MH-900 Cut & Fold Machine
    2. MH-900 Cut & Fold Machine MH-900 cut & fold machine holds an outstanding performance due to the following features:
      Compact design.
      It's easily operated.
      It contains a label-sliding rail.
      Die changeovers can cut five kinds of labels.
      The digital circuit general motor delivers a soft start.
      The high-performance optoelectronic system can automatically identify labels and stop running when damaged or when no labels feed.
    1. MHJ-050 Ultrasonic Cut Single Machine
    2. MHJ-050 Ultrasonic Cut Single Machine Full-digital smart control without the frequent need for maintenance.
      Simple operations and set-up.
      High cutting and folding precision and speed.
      Folds orderly.
      Compact design with a small foot-area.
    1. Platemaking Machines
    2. Minghui provides photopolymer plate-making machines. This one supports offset rotary label printing, and the flexographic plate making machine supports flexo printing machines.
      An imported light source and ballast, which improve precision.
      The stainless steel's housing features high durability
      High resistance against corrosion and rust.
      Single-chip microcomputer control and full-electronic digital display.
    1. Fabric Curing Oven
    2. Sheet steel and angle steel weld the MHK-550 fabric curing oven’s outer casing. High-temperature-resistant metal hammer paint covers its exterior. The space between the outer casing and liner container is filled by alumina silicate fiber to form a solid insulating layer. A circular air channel and a secure pressure blast circulation system equip the workspace, allowing it to achieve a steady work setting. The digital display instrument manages the auto-constant temperature. An observation window is mounted on the oven door to observe the curing process.
    1. Gold Foiling Machine
    2. The gold foiling machine consists of an unwinding, foiling, and rewinding section. The foil’s adhesive is printed on the label roll in advance, and the rolls of foil and label simultaneously move. When the labels are going through the gold foiling machine, the foil is impressed into the surface of the labels with foil adhesive, which brings the labels metallic luster and high-quality.
      Unique heat-conducting medium with high heat transfer efficiency.
      Excellent heat stability to satisfy hot foiling requirements of a wide range of temperatures.
      Digital display constant pressure control mechanism achieves easy pressure adjustment and simple operations.
Minghui has over 20 years of experience in production of label printing machines and label finishing equipment. We are capable of supplying a variety of label printing equipment for flexographic printing, offset printing and screen printing adapted to your needs. Besides, we also supply a selection of label cutting machines suitable for various roll-to-roll label printing and narrow web printing machines for implementing of cutting to size. Focused on providing return on investment for customers, we develop and manufacture our label printers in house and provide services covering training, maintenance and spare parts. We at Minghui are pleased to give you very best service and support.