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      1. MHR-S Flexo Label Printing Machine
      2. MHR-S Flexo Label Printing MachineThe MHR-S flexo label printing machine utilizes a high-precision anilox roller to transfer the ink to the printing plate held on the plate cylinder, then the image is transferred to the image-receiving substrate.
      1. Hot/ Cold Cut Single Machines
      2. Hot/ Cold Cut Single MachinesMinghui’s hot/cold cut single machines feature high-production capacity with a cutting speed of up to 400p/min. This hot and cold knife label cutting machine can cut labels to any size and applies to a wide range of labeling materials.
      1. MH-900 Cut & Fold Machine
      2. MH-900 Cut & Fold MachineMH-900 cut & fold machine holds an outstanding performance due to the following features:
        Compact design.
        It's easily operated.
        It contains a label-sliding rail.
      1. MHS-126/226 Screen Printing Machine
      2. MHS-126/226 Screen Printing MachineMHS-126 and MHS-226 vertical screen-printing machines support one color and two-color printing. Including a compact design, smaller printing area, and minor dryer system, these two screen-printing presses ...
      1. MHJ-050 Ultrasonic Cut Single Machine
      2. MHJ-050 Ultrasonic Cut Single MachineFull-digital smart control without the frequent need for maintenance.
        Simple operations and set-up.
        High cutting and folding precision and speed.

    About Us
    Ruian Minghui Machinery Co., LTD

    Ruian Minghui Machinery Co., LTD is an adept manufacturer of label printing machines and is located in a modern industrial city—Ruian, Zhejiang Province. According to customers’ requirements, Minghui can provide distinct label printing machines and supporting equipment. Including screen printing machine, offset rotary printing machine, flexo printing machine, ultrasonic cut single machine, hot/cold cut single machine, label cutting machine, cut & fold machine, plate making machine, fabric curing oven, gold foiling machine, etc. Customers highly praise our label printing machines, making them widely used in apparel trademarks, also in hangtags, medicine, food, daily necessities, electronics, toys, the gift industry, and many other applications.