Dri-Offset Rotary Label Printing Machine

The dri-offset rotary label printing machine consists of four sections: unwind, printing, drying and rewind section.

The printing section of the offset rotary label printing machine is different from the flexographic label printing machine. Take the four-color offset rotary printing press for example, there are four ink fountains near which are four printing plate cylinders. The printing plates are adhered to them and their number is decided by the quantity of colors to be printed. The ink is transferred from the ink roller to plate, then to the rubber blanket on offset cylinder. The image is transferred to the surface of ribbon when it passes through the offset cylinder and impression cylinder.

The dri-offset rotary label printing machine has a simple dryer and an additional dryer is needed for multi-color and complex image printing.

Minghui provides common offset printing presses and numerical control offset printing machines.

The common offset label printing machine features a fixed printing length of 394mm and it is the length the ribbon goes around the machine. If the length of label that customer need to print is 49.25mm, the common offset label printing machine can print 8 labels in a round. If the label length is 50mm, 7 labels can be printed with extra blank space on the ribbon. In this case, customers can choose the numerical control offset printing machine to automatically adjust the printing length, eliminate the blank part and reduce material waste.

    1. MHL-S Offset Label Printing Machine
    2. MHL-S Offset Label Printing Machine The MHL-S offset label-printing machine is one of the Minghui's one-to eight-color high-speed offset label-printing machines. Complex images can print with a printing speed of 60m/min. Simultaneous printing of both sides is available, such as three colors on the front side, two colors on the front side and one color on the backside, and so on. Minghui MHL-S offset label printing machines enable vivid color and fast colors to color register on printed labels throughout the printing run. This offset label printers are also great at printing on a variety of materials like silk, ribbon, nylon, cotton, rubber, etc. View All
Minghui has over 20 years of experience in production of label printing machines and label finishing equipment. We are capable of supplying a variety of label printing equipment for flexographic printing, offset printing and screen printing adapted to your needs. Besides, we also supply a selection of label cutting machines suitable for various roll-to-roll label printing and narrow web printing machines for implementing of cutting to size. Focused on providing return on investment for customers, we develop and manufacture our label printers in house and provide services covering training, maintenance and spare parts. We at Minghui are pleased to give you very best service and support.